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Feature in OK! Magazine
October 20, 2008

Ok! magazine's fashion editor featured San Damian in this week's Style News section.
OK! Magazine online mention
August 15, 2008

In response to San Damian preparing its new Silver Fusion collection OK! Magazine blows us up online.

April 15, 2008

FashionQ& wrote a full feature this month about San Damian's contribution to eco-fashion.
South Sound Article
October 01, 2007

The South Sound Magazine fall issue included a full page article on Designer/Founder Damien Brown and the San Damian Collection.
San Damian in BOP Magazine
February 23, 2007

New photos of actor Mitchel Musso wearing San Damian Jewelry on the cover of March's BOP magazine.
San Damian in OK! Magazine
January 29, 2007

A photo of Evangeline Lilly wearing her San Damian COUTURE necklace appeared in the January 29th issue of OK! Magazine.
San Damian in Tiger Beat Magazine
January 27, 2007

New photos of Mitchel Musso wearing San Damian Jewelry appear in this month's issue of Tiger Beat Magazine.
San Damian featured in Houston Sun
December 18, 2006

On December 18th the San Damian Collection was featured in depth in the Houston Sun's online column "The Eye of the Beholder".
San Damian in 'Cosmopolitan magazine'
November 20, 2006

San Damian STREET was featured in Cosmo Magazine online and selected for a December reader giveaway.
San Damian STREET in 'Tiger Beat' Magazine
November 15, 2006

Actor Mitchel Musso was photographed wearing a San Damian glass fusion necklace for the cover of Tiger Beat Magazine.
San Damian in 'Brides' Magazine
November 13, 2006

A photo of Evangeline Lilly wearing her San Damian jewelry appears in December's issue of 'BRIDES'
San Damian jewelry featured in NW Source Magazine
November 08, 2006

Both the STREET and COUTURE collections were mentioned in this months issue of NW Source.
San Damian STREET featured in East West Magazine editorial
October 25, 2006

San Damian STREET's dark ruby fusion bracelet was featured in East West Magazine's fall edition. The image (courtesy Brendan Coughlin) was highlighted in EW's 'A Hint of Red' editorial.
San Damian STREET in Justine Magazine
October 09, 2006

Justine Magazine accessorized with San Damian STREET in an editorial photoshoot of this october/november issue (page 53). The photographed piece was a black violet fusion pendant with flashes of blue worn on a 16" sterling omega.
San Damian mention in Swagtime Blog
July 19, 2006

As a small sponsor of the 2006 Miss Universe Pageant, The San Damian Collection gifted necklace ensembles to specific delegates.
Seattle Magazine features San Damian Jewelry as 'IN and HOT'
July 05, 2006

The pulse section of July's issue of Seattle Magazine alludes to the increasing popularity of our jewelry line and features a San Damian Tiger's eye necklace.
San Damian Feature in UPS Arches
July 03, 2006

Arches, the alumni magazine for Damien's alma mater (the University of Puget Sound) has printed an artist feature about him and the San Damian Collection.
San Damian Layout in Adore Shop Magazine
June 01, 2006

A full page layout featuring San Damian lifestyle and product images appeared in june's issue of Adore Shop Magazine.
Peninsula Daily News feature
May 11, 2006

Designer Damien Brown and the San Damian Collection were featured in the Peninsula Daily News.
San Damian feature in Seattle Times
May 08, 2006

The Seattle Times has printed an amazing article about the San Damian Collection and designer Damien Brown
Evangeline Lilly and SD Couture in Us Weekly
January 30, 2006

Once again a photo of Evangeline Lilly wearing San Damian COUTURE surfaces, this time in the January 30 issue of 'Us Weekly'
Adore Shop - online feature article & giveaway
January 09, 2006

Southern California fashion magazine 'Adore Shop' had some wonderful things to say about the San Damian Collection. Visit in for details on how to qualify for monthly giveaways.
Lost's Evangeline Lilly wearing San Damian Jewelry
November 01, 2005

Evangeline Lilly, star actress of ABC's hit drama 'LOST', was featured in the Oct 31st issue of 'InTouch' magazine wearing jewelry from the San Damian Collection.
CBS's C.S.I. - Jewelry worn by Actress
October 11, 2005

Jewerlry from this fall's SKY ELEMENT COLLECTION will be worn by Actress Phaedra Pardue in CBS's hit drama 'CSI' on thursday, October 13th.
Adore Shop - Event Mention
September 01, 2005

The San Damian Trunk show at Billy Martin's in Hollywood, CA. was mentioned in this month's issue of Adore Shop. Adore Shop features the hottest designer apparel, accessories, and cosmetics of Southern California.
OC Metro - Sheryll Alexander
May 12, 2005

The San Damian Collection was credited a "Summer fashion find" in Orange County, CA. In the 5/12 issue of the business lifestyle magazine 'OC METRO', writer Sheryll Alexander called the jewelry a combination of "beach casual with semiprecious cool"